The Dumac Ruffy® is a vertical column pump ideal for mine dewatering and groundwater control, industrial waste disposal, agricultural effluent management for piggeries and dairies and anywhere that hard and abrasive solids suspended in a liquid need to be pumped.



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Ruffy Standard Mount

  • To suit pit depths of 2’6″ – 3’6″
  • SR, BR and CR Models available
  • Ample clearance so motors can run dry
  • No priming required
  • Compatible with standard mounted motors

Ruffy Flange Motor Mounts

  • Compatible with Flange Mounted motors
  • Available in all the same column lengths as the Standard Ruffy.
  • Housed bearings with grease nipples

Ruffy Long Standard Mount

  • Ideal for deeper pits over 1.5M
  • Comes in MR (4′), LR (5′) and XLR (6′)
  • Hardened steel shaft sleeve
  • Hardened steel shaft guide
  • 2 large bearings in housings, with grease nipples